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Feb 24, 2007:
Venerina is writing her best book to date.

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Sample Published Poems


My dearest Ares, 

To this land I have returned once more 
What magical awe to walk along this shore
The heralding sound of distant drums
Of foam and shell I once had come
Some things are still old and some things are new 
Some I owe to the life shared with you
Your hopes and dreams I pray to renew 
So behold, once again I stand before you

No throne, no fame, no ancient glory
Just a mere mortal, living a simple story 
Can Olympus not forgive that which to past has come
Can you not love me again in the name of my son

Oh, Ares, my dear , how it use to be
When my people had nothing to fear from me
To grace my people with this sacred soil 
I weep in secret for their suffering toil 

Children cry at flying birds with deadly wings 
Speedier than Apollo's chariot upon the seven winds
I sense the hand of Diana so fair 
But to you I would give all, I solemnly swear 

Ares, My dear, how did I wrong you so
That my people into battle you would happily throw
For love of Eros ... my son ... I pray 
Displace your hatred ... keep their fear at Bay

Shades of dusk now shadow the green 
Where warriors and blood shed has been 
Mortals sworn to protect we have been 
You My Lord Ares can still reign supreme

Let all these wrongs be turned to right 
Let the Gods continue amongst themselves to fight 
To you once more my life I would sacrifice
To ease these troubled times and the Cypriot plight 

For love is my name and a vow so true 
That why this mortal stripped before you 
Pleads and begs ....... Set my people free

signed Aphrodite


Award Winning Poem published in the USA

Time stands still for no-one

As I sit... I begin to sigh
And my mind wanders back to times gone by
The world is spinning within my head
Of all the things that are left unsaid
Tears of laughter, tears of sorrow
From who did we steal them?
And to whom did we borrow?
We aspire, we delay
We forget to live for each single day
We dream, we replay
We spend our time wishing our lives away
To the past ... oh such sweet sorrow
Makes who we are stronger or hollow
To the future... a new day
It may never come, so we kneel and pray
Keep them safe, keep them near
Rid us of guilt and rid us of fear
Live... Love...and make us thy sun
Time stands still for no-one!


The Soul

How can we explain what we do not understand
It is beyond all reason and any logical stand
Beyond this time and confinement of space
We can see beyond the eyes yet we do not recognise the face

For what?, to where?, how? Is of the logical mind
A mere formality for which the human is blind
To be blind in such a way, is to deny belief
Only he who dares to believe holds the key to relief

For the suffering and pain from the depths of time
A glimpse can heal the wounds for which there was no crime
Oh how profound is the dawn from another plane
Where the warmth of the sun is never in vain

Man is so much more than just flesh and bones
Yet slave to his senses his heart still moans
For he realises not, that anger, doubt, hate and fear
In this infinite place merely fade and disappear

T'is not to be trapped within the self of now
But within the self that has no name and knows not how
The self that has always been and always will be
The self that eludes boundaries and sets us free

Seek and you shall find …the answers always lie
Within the soul